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Socialism is now becoming a mainstream political possibility. But is it the answer to America's problems as advertised by politicians and academics?

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This presentation will cover the foundation of the American system, why it is incompatible with Socialism moving forward, the inherent dangers of adopting a Socialist government, and why this ideology is becoming so popular. How often have you heard that "Roe v Wade" is law?

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How often have people talked about how abortion is legal, or that it is the law of the land? What if we were to tell you it isn't legal? In this session, Mr.

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Campos will teach the truth about Roe v. Wade and the judgement that was passed by the Supreme Court. He will cover what the Constitution says, and the lie that abortion is a constitutional right and what the Pro-Life industry should be saying about it. Learn the truth about the intertwining of faith and politics, and how to discuss them with others.

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Using quotes from the founders themselves, Massey will address the truth about separation of church and state, the common arguments and misconceptions about faith and the political sphere, what Scripture really says, and how to accurately articulate your position. This session will leave you feeling confident in having a conversation with others about how your politics are informed by your faith, and why that is a good thing!

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Join us to learn about connected learning programs and services for youth, and how the ConnectedLib Toolkit can help you build the skills you need to successfully implement them. A webinar presenting a ready-to-use system that empowers libraries of all sizes to become community STEM leaders.

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The hobby board game market is booming. Everywhere news media outlets pronounce that board games are "making a comeback" or are "going through a golden age" or experiencing a "renaissance" or are "in full swing. Help us build on the successes and challenges of the solar eclipse by joining this vibrant — FREE!

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A webinar defining 'digital citizenship' and exploring ways for public libraries to support services and programming to help grow safe, responsible, and respectful digital environments. A collection of resources, webinars, courses, video, and articles on libraries and how they serve the homeless in their communities.

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