A Practical Guide to the Runes: Their Uses in Divination and Magic

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I've found used copies on eBay , Half. The older ones may be available in a large public or university library. It has been brought to my attention that my bibliographies have been extracted verbatim by lazy college students, for use in their own term papers. Of course, it doesn't fool anyone. However, to make it a teeny bit more difficult, I've removed the publication data.

They can still copy, but they'll have to do a bit more work. One does have to wonder if they've also copied the term papers. Mager, Stefan ed. He argues that the rune row should start with Uruz, not Fehu. This is a theory that holds some weight among Swedish Runologists, primarily because it supports a runic numerology system. Not recommended. Rune Power:. The deeply buried shamanic roots of the Western world-view may contain wisdom essential to overcoming world ecological and spiritual crises.

This book is about reconnecting with those roots through the rediscovery of the religion that existed in Europe before its suppression by the Roman Empire and Christianity. Out of print. The Younger Futhark is discussed. Monaco, Richard: Runes. Morris, Katherine: Sorceress or Witch? Nilsestuen, Rolf M. Nilsestuen is not a scholar, but rather an irascible retiree, who dug into and revealed the scandalous mishandling of many of the prior investigations. He rants, but he makes a strong argument..

Highly recommended if you are at all interested in the Kensington Rune Stone. The Kensington Runestone Vindicated.

A Practical Guide to the Runes: Their Uses in Divination and Magic by Lisa Peschel

Odenstedt, Bengt. About the Anglo-Saxon runes, but much is applicable to the Elder Futhark. It also discusses the implications of the shapes of the runes. Presents a picture of a system and a culture in transition--from the heathen to the Christian. Hard to find.. Page, Raymond Ian. Although Page does not believe in the magical properties of runes, his books are essential reading. This one gives a solid introduction to the Anglo-Saxon Runes. Highly recommended. Introduction to English Runes.

Random Runes: the Project and a walk through my rune library

Page, R. This book tells the story of runes from the earliest continental inscriptions of the late second century AD through the Viking Age and to the related script used for the English language in Anglo-Saxon times. Page is scornful of the "magical" aspect of the runes. Runes, Reading the Past.

Aligning himself with the sceptical rather than the romantic school of runologists, he draws fascinating conclusions about how, where and why runes were used. His scrutiny of the evidence extends from Anglo-Saxon runic coins to Manx inscribed stones.

Pendulum scrying

Partinton, S. A new translation of the Anglo-Saxon rune poem, beautifully presented. Highly reommended.. Sometimes hard to find, look for a used copy. Pennick, Nigel: Magical Alphabets. Out of print; you'll be luckly to find a used copy. Grab it if you find one. Magical Alphabets. Northern European folk magick; combines folklore and folk practice from the Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic peoples.

Discusses perceptions of space and time, herb-lore, ceremonies, calendar, superstitions. Highly recommended.. You may find a used copy. Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition. An overview of the history and practice of rune use, describing the various systems in use across Europe. Hard to find. If you find a used copy, grab it. Rune Magic. Pennick, Nigel: Runic Astrology. Out of print but you might be able to find a used copy.

Runic Astrology. I haven't read ths one yet, but I like most of Pennick's other books. Out of print, so look for a used copy. A great book for both forbeginners. Experienced runers will enjoy it for the excellent artwork. Peschel, Lisa A. A nice beginner's book on runecasting and divination. Solid runelore except for the inclusion of the "blank" rune, which the reader should ignore..

Highly recommended for beginners. A Practical Guide to the Runes :. Peterson, James M. Russell eds : Animals in Folklore. Note in particular the article by H. Pollington, Stephen: Rudiments of Runelore. A comprehensive introduction and a handy and inexpensive reference work for those with some knowledge of the subject. The Abecedarium Nordmannicum and the English, Norwegian and Icelandic rune poems are included as are two rune riddles, extracts from the Cynewulf poems and new work on the three Brandon runic inscriptions and the Norfolk 'Tiw' runes.

Rudiments of Runelore. It includes the book, The Rune Mysteries and a set of large-sized runecards. Nice artwork. The Rune Oracle. These are not the futhark runes. Don't waste your money.. Redmond, Jeffery R.

The Ultimate Online Guide to Norse Mythology and Religion

This author asserts that the Kensington Rune Stone was a fraud.. The language used on the rune stone is the same as the vernacular on historical legal documents written between and Not recommended; it's new age crap.. Zen Runes Kit. Rodrigues, Louis J. Available from Anglo-Saxon Books Co.

The Germanic tribes which settled in Britain during the fifth and early sixth centuries brought with them folk-tales, legends, rune-lore, magic charms against misfortune and illness, herbal cures, and the wisdom of experience enshrined in maxims and gnomic verse. Rune-Gild: The Gildisbok.

A Practical Guide to the Runes: Their Uses in Divination and Magic

Box , Austin, TX Rune-Gild Vinland. Rune-Gild: "Rune-Kevils" "Rune-Kevils" is the subscription magazine of the Rune-Gild, which is an initiatory organization dedicated to true self-development according to the traditions of the North. Saint-Germaine, Jon: Runic Palmistry. ISBN: What hooey! Shamayyim, Maia C. Sheil, Thorr: Around the Magick. Trollwise Publications. An introduction to magick and metaphysics, plus an exploration of mythic themes behind holidays and modern life.

Sheil, Thorr: Around the Myths. The myths that shaped current society, with a look at historical factors, cultural models, and religious influences. Sheil, Thorr: Around the Myths Again. Further study covering new face of old legend, Urban man vs. Sheil, Thorr: Biomagick. The place where magick and instinct rule. Covers instinct, compulsion, reptilian mind versus human evolution, sex magick and more.

The old Norse Heathen religion as it was practiced by the common folk, including Gods, other beings, Runes, magick, ethics and more. Includes The Old Norse Wizard as a special section. Identifies problems caused by human frailties, how to remedy them, and how to use magick to rebuild your life.

Fundamentals and Foundation Principles: the development of magickal power, use of symbols, and training of the mind and body. Advanced Spoken Spellcraft: a study of spoken spells, with comparisons of technologies from Norse Tradition, Ceremonial magick, mantra and metaphysics. Spellcraft of the Elements and Figure Spells: the factors involved in spells of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, with many sample spells plus an entire section on the magickal use of images, dolls, etc.

Knotcraft, Herbcraft, Magickal Devices and Spells of Home and Nature: covers spells with knots and cords, the uses of plants in magick, magickal devices and contraptions, plus spells for use in home, forest or beach. The Final Volume: Talismans and Magickal Symbols: compares the symbolic and talismanic workings of several Traditions, with information on how to successfully employ talismans and symbols. T he magickal concept of the structure of the mind, the world and the spiritual planes. A basic guide in making personal rites for the Norse Traditional holidays, events, and worship.

Combines the essential materials of Rune magick, spoken charms and Norse spellcraft into one single book. Runes as archetypes, indicators of personalities, and aspects of the self. Includes the most comprehensive listings of Runic attributes. Sheil, Thorr: Spellcraft by Candlemagick. A primer in candle magic for the newcomer for mainstream and Norse traditions. And There's More! Where Are Your Unicorns?

Messages Come and Go It's Okay. Pathworking the Tarot. Encyclopedia Home. Encyclopedia Articles. Adam Kadmon. Direct Motion.

A Practical Guide to the Runes

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Details Inside Reviews Authors Articles. Reviews from Goodreads. Lisa Peschel. Crocheted Rune Set Pattern. Related Products Runes for Beginners. Rose Quartz Runes.

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