Weekend Homesteader: July

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I buy my books from betterworldbooks. Is there another way people could give you money for your e-books without using Amazon? I wonder if I might not be the only one with the guilt of having read and enjoyed and benefited from your blog without having the opportunity to offer some dana who really balks at Amazon.

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What would actually make me the happiest is if you emailed me to get a free copy and then left a review on Amazon. Right now, my goal isn't really to make money with these ebooks but to get them in as many hands as possible.

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That's why I'm selling them on Amazon instead of directly through the site I want to reach people who I won't touch by preaching to the choir. Reviews really help strangers decide to take a chance in that situation.

Of course, you'd have to make an account on Amazon to leave a review, and that might still give them more data on you than you want. If you're itching to donate, you can click on the store button on the sidebar and scroll down and click on the "donate" button, but the truth is that leaving thoughtful comments the way you do is a donation enough for us!

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I really appreciate you putting so much thought into supporting us! When she moved out after she graduated high school she even took him with her. This time of year we often see shouting from different sides of the fence about the holidays. Some are incensed that someone would dare take Christ out of the holiday, some are angry that someone is pushing for only homemade gifts while others are angry that some families like to shop for their Christmas gifts.

I find this puzzling and oftentimes very much counter to the season itself. As I went over the high-end offerings we got into a pretty deep conversation. But today we were talking about the interesting social shift of current generations compared to generations passed.

12222 Homesteader Days Concert

I wondered what future the estate sales and their higher quality antiquities would hold? Will they continue to attract buyers or would they just eventually disappear? And why are younger generations not interested in things like fine china or heavy well-made antique furniture?

I love Facebook, and I especially love our Facebook Followers. I get much enjoyment out of social media.

The Weekend Homesteader Review

From our Facebook page I get to interact with some mighty fine folks always willing to help. And on my personal page I get to keep up with my family and our grandbabies and lots of friends. Mulching C:N calculator. The Klickitack County website has a handy form where you can plug in mixtures of various types of organic matter and learn the resulting C:N.

Weekend Homesteader: August by Anna Hess

Chemistry of the fungi to bacteria ratio. A more in depth analysis of why certain mulches and composts promote fungi while others promote bacteria. Different mulches for bacteria and fungi. The C:N isn't the only characteristic of mulch that determines whether bacteria or fungi will move in.

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Learn about using comfrey for compost and mulch , choosing the best comfrey variety , and growing comfrey. Soup Harvest catch-all soup. A basic vegetable soup that varies through the seasons.

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