Chemistry of marine natural products

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Since that time, she guided dozens of Scientific Initiation students, three master's students and one PhD student resulting in the publication of 40 plus scientific articles. The chemistry of the octocoral Carijoa riisei Fig. Author: Tito Monteiro da Cruz Lotufo.

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From the middle of the s, Prof. She created beautiful texts and lectures in simple language, with the same dedication as if she was creating a scholarly scientific paper.

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This work illustrated Prof. Dedicating this issue of the journal is a way to celebrate the pioneering contribution of Dr. Epifanio to the marine natural products field in Brazil.

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Brazilian and foreign researchers that collaborated with Prof. The research on marine environment has gained increasing attention during the past 50 years, demonstrating the amazing biological and chemical diversity of the world's oceans. Colorful, soft-bodied, sessile marine invertebrates, and more recently marine microbes, have been shown to be a prolific source of natural products with biomedical potential.


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