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Sun Mostly Sunny. View yearly weather chart.

12 things to do BEFORE going to Korea

Powered by Weatherzone. By reservation only: Seoul's museum of century-old wooden treasures Welcome to one of Seoul's best-kept secret museums. Contains: Tim Richards. Move over Tokyo, another city is now the king of technology Seoul is the centre of the universe for devotees of VR and other high tech entertainment.

Contains: Jamie Lafferty. The Korean train that could do Melbourne-Sydney in three hours As is often the way in Seoul, the new has trumped the old. How to get into hot water in South Korea The masseur turns me one way then the other, scraping me down ruthlessly with a roughened cloth. Airline review: Asiana Airlines business class A capable business class offering, though with room for improvement.

What vaccinations do I need for South Korea?

Search pagination Current page Destination page 1 Next Destination page 2 Destination page 3 Destination page 4 Destination page 5 Destination page 6 Destination page 7 Destination page 8. Average temperature Average rainfall. The exchange of gifts is an important part of Korean life — both in personal and business relationships — and is closely linked to showing respect, maintaining harmony and being courteous.

Things Not to Miss in South Korea

Gifts are given with two hands, and are never opened in front of the giver. South Korea is a vibrant, modern, highly technological state. Despite this, the nation still revolves around traditional customs and values, including Confucianism , a system that promotes social harmony and governs all the interactions — however small they may be — between families, friends, colleagues and even strangers. Newcomers may not recognize the subtleties of the ancient structure, but can quickly learn the basics.

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Speak politely to elders the Korean language has a specific honorific speech just for this , always accept when offered a shot of soju, and wait for your boss to eat first before digging into dinner. Save to Wishlist. Traveling to South Korea for the first time? Get the most out of your visit by brushing up on Korean culture with these useful travel tips. Transportation is Efficient and Inexpensive. Public Bathrooms Can be a Bit Confusing.

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Wear Shower Shoes. Seoul N Tower at night Shutterstock. South Korea is an intoxicating blend of tradition and modernity, nature and technology. Tony Wheeler, the founder of Lonely Planet, discovered that it was all wedded to a deep humanity. He encountered all aspect of the country in his journey around South Korea, as well as a friendly local or two to help him navigate the sometimes baffling ticket machines.

Best places to see cherry blossoms around the world — Wanderlust Team.

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Ice cream tubes, South Korea Shutterstock. Ruth Dodson travelled to Korea specifically to learn how to make it and was in turn introduced to a side of the country very few travellers get to experience. Young Jin Song also provides an easy-to-follow recipe to make your own kimchi at home. If kimchi is a little too spicy for you, fear not.

50 beautiful places to visit in South Korea

Marie Bankova is on hand to introduce you to the world of street food, Seoul style. How to make Korean baechu kimchi — Ruth Dodson.

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Street food market in Gwangjang Shutterstock. Asian markets are a happy hunting ground for photographers, offering up a smorgasbord of opportunities: sizzling food and intriguing local delicacies, colourful piles of fruit and vegetables, arts and crafts, and a wealth of portraits. But there is a knack to getting great photos without upsetting the locals.

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